Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Zimmer Twins

Jean and me rode out yesterday morning - well, tottered out - and did some calls.  And we got a lovely warm reception from those we found at home.   And we went to Jacks for supper - Hurray! to have her back. She cooked us one of her paellas - she lived in Spain for many years.

The evenings are starting to draw in already though.   We - the Captain and I - went to the Wetland Centre in the week - and walked among the lushness of summer, the smell of summer flowers, the medicinal smell of herbs - and also, alas, the medicinal smell of me, as my "good" arm was coated in Pain Busting cream.

Already though, in all the lushness, there was that feeling of Autumn.

And I love Autumn.  Its just how quickly it all goes.

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