Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Tea-Bag Blog

Roger, who left early this morning, bought me a beautiful candleholder from South Africa.  It is made by ladies who use used teabags!   They make all sorts of creations out of them. including designer frocks, and are so successful they are now importing used teabags from all over.
That is so brilliant.

Obviously the tea bag element in this practical little work of art is the sepia dye.
Captain Butterfly does not usually allow candles on the grounds that I will burn the house down with them (I am the sort of person who makes a bull in a china shop look quite dainty), but I think I might be allowed a Hyacinth-style candlelit supper or two with this one - once the evenings start to get darker.
We had an unCandlelit supper last night - fish pie, which turned out OK, and cherry crumble which turned out very well. I am never sure how much sugar to put in, but this time I did get the sweet/sour balance just right.  People had second helpings, which is a sure sign.  And we have just enough left over for our supper tonight.
It was so nice to see Roger - and for Jackie to be able to come over too - she has missed him the last two times.  We all laughed a lot.  I wish Anne of the Cape could visit us too,

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