Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Robin's Song at Woods Mill

Woods Mill nature reserve
"Can we have our sandwiches yet?" I clamoured, as the Captain and I finally arrived at Woods Mill yesterday - car parking problems - there was a lot going on there.  However, we had it much to ourselves in the early morning hours.  Whatever was going on seemed to be taking place elsewhere.  The light was wonderful as we wandered round the Pond. We were looking for the dragonfly that Col found newly hatched the day before.  I sat on a bench as he wandered round the Pond with his camera loaded.
Above my head a robin sang...  which should be the first line of a poem.  But before I could write one, I realised what he was singing!  It was "Can we have our sandwiches yet?"

I got the box out of the Captain's rucksack, which I was guarding, and crumbled up a bit of muffin in my hand.  He came straight onto my palm, but only for a second.    I didn't keep him waiting but threw down the crumbs.  Sadly, as things are now, its not safe to trust the children of Adam too much. Paradise has not been restored yet.

I had forgotten what it felt like to have a robin on my hand - their cold pattering little feet.   It was lovely, and took me right back - 15 years or more, to winter mornings at the bungalow when the Front Garden Robin would come straight to my hand for his breakfast, while I shivered in my jim jams at the front door.

Butterfly Report:  We only saw four: 1 green veined White, 1 Orange Tip,  and I can't remember the other two. Hopefully they will be accurately reported in the Captain's Log.

Butterfly Mike stopped by the Pond for a chat; and Dave and Maggie (exPlanetExpat) are coming over for lunch today.

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