Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Butterfly Conservation at Rustington Waitrose!

Adonis Blue, Polyommatus bellargus
We were very pleased to see that one of the Charitable causes at Rustington Waitrose is Butterfly Conservation - and will be till the end of May!

So we must rush all the green tokens we have been saving up there asap.  Might involve hiring a heavy duty lorry, but as long as we get them there.

Obviously we shopped early this morning.

This blog really does put "The Diary of a Nobody" in the shade...

I am trying to think what we did yesterday. The Captain was very busy.  He was called out on a Search and Rescue and phoned me from Rewel Wood to ask for an emergency box of sandwiches and cake.  To my horror I found I only had two slices of bread left, and only just enough cake. So the rest of my afternoon was taken up with defrosting and hacking up a loaf into giant doorsteps, as opposed to the Captain's efficiently cut slices and making a trayload of maramalade muffins.

He groaned when he realised he would have to carry the resulting sandwiches over the next week or so.

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