Monday, 16 May 2016

Philip Jackson, the Gingerbread Man, and a LANDMARK

I am going to suggest a new subject for Philip Jackson to sculpt.

It will be a giant Gingerbread man, golden all over.   And its inspired by the large homemade ginger cake that we bought at the Philip Jackson Open Garden day on Saturday, and which Captain Butterfly has been porking away at ever  since.  It is an excellent cake - er, or so I am told (hastily wipes gingerbread crumbs from face).

Bea and Jackie came along.  It was a perfect May day - fresh green, blossom everywhere, blue skies, white clouds.  The Jackson garden, centred round its mini-lake, looked splendid.   The statuary had all been changed since last year.  And Butterfly Mark turned up as well, which was a nice surprise.

We bought some more chili plants along with gingerbread cake and our hot dog (with real sausage) lunch.    There were more people than ever this year, so I guess the day raised a good sum for the Murray Downland Trust.

The LANDMARK was that yesterday I drove for the first time since my accident - to the Kingdom Hall and back for the meeting. I left very early, thinking it would be a perfect way to start - a short drive on the early morning Sunday roads.  And I was fine - except that it underlined how much I have lost in my arm and shoulder.  It was painful and difficult, and its hard to imagine coping with a longer drive. But if I can just get to the Hall and to Waitrose it will greatly improve both our lives.

We all - the two of us, Jackie, Bea and Terry - go to the Wetland Trust tonight. And I have physio this morning.,

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