Saturday, 28 May 2016


As I have been on a 3-day detox - no dairy, no wheat, very narrow food palate - I am now starting my re-tox, as Jackie is coming round for supper.  We are having a chicken pie from our excellent pie shop (Turners), mash, cauliflower cheese and carrots; to be followed by Eton Mess (the yogurt version) and cheese and biscuits.

My hope was to get a bit of energy and well-being back.  It certainly had a profound effect on me in that yesterday I got up and went straight back to bed - and slept right through until mid-afternoon.   I don't think I have ever done that before. But, as the Captain says, it is clearly what I needed.

And I must have a large sleep deficit - as sleeping was painful and impossible for weeks - just an hour at a time - and even now its hard to get really comfortable. My body is still trying to heal of course. Jane, my lovely physio, said it would take 6 to 12 months.

But I think that the hospital doctor who told me that I would get no more function back in my arm is right.  So I feel rather depressed about the state I am in...

I must draw as close to Jehovah as I can and get back to the preaching work to the extent I can.  But it is difficult.  

Such a lovely thought for the day today - and this weeks Watchtower is both comforting and worrying.  Comforting in that it reminds us how Jehovah is guiding us all the time - but worrying in that we need to pay "more than the usual attention" to what we are being taught.   And one thing clearly is that the Society do want us to use Tablets and such devices in the door to door witnessing.

I will really have to discuss this with my Resident Computer Expert.

In the Big Wide World the Brexit or Bremain Campaign goes on intensely.  Shall we stay in the EU or should we leave?

I am grateful that I don't have to worry about it, as I don't vote.  Both sides can make convincing arguments for their point of view.  My guess is that we will stay in - partly through inertia (better the devil you know), and partly because the powers that be - it seems - clearly want power centralised.

However, I don't know any more than anyone. But what I do know is that Jehovah's wonderful purposes go on - and nothing will prevent them.

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