Sunday, 14 February 2016


Regressed - after boasting about my landmarks...   had some very painful physio on Thursday, and was advised to go back on painkillers, so that i could get some sleep,  i find them very hard to take and have been off them for ages,  however as was in such pain i decided to take the hospital dosage,  i have been so bad ever since - and my arm/shoulder still hurts.  AND  had a pounding headache for well over a day - but didn't dare risk taking any more painkillers...

The Captain was out on a Search and Rescue mission yesterday - middle-aged lady missing from home under rather troubling circumstances - and at least I was able to get the supper for Jacks organised.  It was very simple - just a case of setting the table, putting the Cook's lasagne in the over, and making a vaguely mediterranean salad to go with it.  But a couple of weeks ago that would have been quite a problem. So things have moved on.  Its just that I have gone back to being in quite a bit of pain, but I know its all part of the process of getting the arm to move again.

Hopefully I will finally get back to the meetings, as I think Col can take me on Thursday and then I shall arrange for a lift.

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