Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Dozing in front of Daytime TV

After a painful session with the physio yesterday morning just about all I managed was an afternoon dozing on the sofa. Hercule Poirot, or whoever the current afternoon detective is, would be saying to the gathered suspects "and the murderer IS" when the answer would morph into "you must reduce the sauce down", and I realised I had dozed off before the end of the detective and slept through the start of the cookery.

I had barely time to hurtle my rubber brick at the screen while shouting "as opposed to reducing it UP" before I was dreaming again and woke up to find a tough and maverick detective doing something tough and mavericky.  Then I woke again with a guilty start and thought I had better put the Captain's tea on. He was out all day doing conservation work in the Downland.

I have such a sleep deficit from those weeks when all I could manage was a couple of hours a night.

I did manage some study. We are looking at the story of Abigail at the moment and trying to take the lessons from it.   Listen to people  - don't think that we know best and that we have nothing to learn. That would be one valuable lesson.  And, very importantly, always respect those Jehovah has chosen. Yes, they are imperfect humans, we all are, but Jehovah knows what he is doing.  His wisdom is immeasurably above ours.   And I got the last but one of my magazine route calls parcelled up and posted (by the Captain, this morning).  I hope to deliver the last one personally tomorrow, as it is only a 5 minutes walk away.

And I answered Kathryn's letter.  Her 2016 didn't get off to a much better start than mine sadly.

How quickly our lives go. She and I are approaching our three score years and ten.    If this system of things on the earth is still up and running in 10 years time, how many of us will be here?  Not us I don't suppose.

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