Monday, 1 February 2016

An Odd Landmark in Recovery

Yesterday I tried to take my glasses off,   That's odd, I thought, I don't seem to have them on.   And even odder still, I didn't seem to have a face.    Am I now going to have to spend one half of my life trying to find where I have left my glasses, and the other trying to find where i have left my face!?

Before I could go any further with that alarming thought, it dawned on me that I had reached up for my glasses with my wounded-but-recovering arm - for the first time - so that must be a landmark.  (I am sling-free three brief times a day, when I do my exercises.)

That suggests to me that it will take a bit of time to get to know my new shoulder,  It was telling me that my arm had reached my face when it hadn't.

Jackie and Linda came over last night for a curry.  Linda brought two trays of Kerala chicken from Marks & Sparks and some poppadoms - we provided rice and the small small things - Jacks bought some especially nice wine - and M & S also provided dessert - courtesy of Linda.

A fun evening with lots of laughs.

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