Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Another Landmark Slingwise

A trip through the rush hour to the hospital yesterday and i am out of my sling - except for trips out. Still one-handed though.  My shoulder feels OK, but my arm aches and aches and doesn't move much. A lot of physio over the next 6 weeks apparently.

However i did manage quite a busy morning - washed floors, dusted, tidied, studied, did a
bit more of the magazine route - and a bit of witnessing online.     but then i dozed in front of the telly.

Its a medical week.  Physio tomorrow - and my annual health check on Friday.

Jenny joined us for lunch on Monday- ham sandwiches (courtesy of Waitrose and the Duchy) and custards (courtesy of Lidls),  And as she too has been through some recent medical traumas, we were able to have a good chat about what the doctor said to us when we had our tubes tilted.   Captain Butterfly went rather pale and seemed to lose interest in his sandwich.

Visits from David and Carol have helped so much too, They brought flowers, and prayers, and later my Feb magazines.  And yet they are so busy. David being one of those brothers who does so much for the congregation.

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