Monday, 18 January 2016


"Walkies!"  ordered Captain Butterfly this morning, and off we went to the end of the pier and back.   It was really cold - ice in the air - but mercifully not on the ground - so i have had a bit of exercise, back to square one though, as 30 minutes exhausted me...   oh well... as the Inspired Scriptures warn us:

"The span of our life is 70 years, Or 80 if one is especially strong. But they are filled with trouble and sorrow; They quickly pass by, and away we fly." - Psalm 90:10

And i will be seventy next year.

How quickly our lives go at the moment.

Cathy rang - she will pop round and see me tomorrow,  And i had a long phone chat with Rosemary yesterday and she and John are kindly going to take the magazines round to the lady whose name i don't yet know.   She has been on my mind since i spoke to her in december, and i had made a note in the diary to see her asap in 2016,

I listened in on the phone link on Sunday morning.

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