Wednesday, 6 January 2016

SuperBea and her Amazing Sewing Machine

After my op - to partially replace smashed shoulder- i was taken tender care of in recovery - and then delivered to the wards - evening - post holiday - nerve block wearing off - no morphine pump - as i began to come back on line found myself in great pain in an op gown with no back at all as the enormous shoulder bandage and sling held everything at the front - bedpans a nightmare - leave you on them - not answering bells or calls - so when wanted to go to loo again wanted to totter there myself - but how?  ward full of visitors - managed to get Bea's silk robe from locker and get over good arm head and bad arm and took self to loo,   Brilliant.

the state of the loos is another story- one i don't think i can face telling.

worst of all, somebody screamed in agony night and day - night and day - hard to explain what a desperate experience it was.

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