Thursday, 28 January 2016

An Alien Dandelion

i had a dream last night!!   which meant that i had some real sleep, even though i woke for a loo stop at 2 a.m..  i was so tired - the thought of yet another night of only two or three hours sleep made me despair - i prayed to Jehovah about it - and i have to say that i did then sleep through till 7 - for which i am very grateful.

it was a very odd dream involving my mum in law - a chicken in the garden shed - supermarket not live  - ready to roast - but there was an alien in the garden shed too - it was like an exquisite dandelion clock - so the american military had moved in - Hollywood style americans, not real ones - hollywood usually makes americans look horrid - don't know why - saw my mum in law in the garden reflected  in the big mirror that used to be at granny's - then at the bungalow - now here, facing me as i type - knew she would be wanting her tea - must get to shed and get chicken - followed uniformed hollywood american out of front door to ask if i could go round back and get chicken - he brushed me off - no time to talk - alien business to deal with - ran down a long garden path after him - determined we would have our tea - he shouted stop stop - ran back towards me with a VERY VERY large lady - she pinched the air in front of me and crackling electricity ran across the path- there was a sort of lethal security beam there - "that would kill YOU" she said contemptuously as she held on to the beam - you are just showing off, i thought (but didn't say - showing some dreamtime common sense given how large she was).    At which point i woke up wondering what all the fuss was about - IF there are any aliens out there, they will be full of love and do us no harm.    The tragedy that has happened here on the earth will never happen again.

But why does my mind do this to me?   not that the dream was frightening in any way - and the dandelion alien was lovely - but why did i dream all that?

saw Jane my lovely physio today - she is pleased with my progress - and - aarrgghh - moved my arm further and further (until i told her where the British airmen were hiding).

happy and grateful it is going well so far - heartfelt thanks to Jehovah, to the NHS, to Captain Butterfly for taking care of me, and to the congregation family.

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