Monday, 11 January 2016

Life on Planet Sling... difficult and uncomfortable and will continue till mid Feb at least

The news this morning is full of the death of David Bowie - and while i wasn't particularly a fan, i was sorry to hear of it - that is another bit of the Sixties past gone - how desperately people were looking for gurus and guidance at that time as certainties crumbled.  Yet all the time the God of Abraham was sending his witnesses to our doors.   They were unglittery, quiet and neat.  And how i wish i had listened to them before i did,

Now i must once again think of ways to tell others what was told to me as i won't be out on the doors for some weeks.

Feel so tired - and desperately need a good nights sleep.  we both do as the poor Captain suffers with me.

I listened in to the meeting on Sunday - full of sound Biblical advice about creating strong happy families - and Jackie provided supper on Saturday - lasagne - did not need to be cut up for me

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