Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Talked to Lilian today- her op is scheduled for Friday - should be day surgery - so i will ring her again that evening.   She too had a bad fall about the same time i did - as has one of my sisters in the congregation - who has fallen and cracked her shoulder.  What is happening to us all?

I start my physio tomorrow.    It is going to be quite painful apparently...

Captain Butterfly was cross with me last night.  I had made a big effort and got myself undressed and into my jim jams,  He pointed out quite rightly that i am supposed to be very very careful about any shoulder movement for the next few weeks.  So i won't be doing that again.

Felt depressed today.  But was nice to talk to Lilian - and I got a lovely get well card from a lady on my magazine route.

But, on the doubleplusgood side, the hospital are happy with the x-rays they did yesterday- and the dressing is now off the wound.

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