Friday, 18 December 2015

The Suegull

Captain Butterfly and I have had a busy day.  He very kindly drove me out to Ford to do my calls this morning.  They had all got the magazines I had to post due to the flu and I got a warm welcome. Well, I hope it was the truth that got a warm welcome, Christianity being called "the way of the truth".  I then did some Not Homes.   I am trying to get caught up to at least a reasonable extent before the holidays start.

We lunched off soup and toast, and had an afternoon walk in some local fields looking for fungi. We found some lovely little creatures - and the Captain is across the table now trying to identify them all.

Talking of such things, he has taken some bird photos that he hasn't yet been able to identify.  So I have been lost in a daydream in which he has photographed a bird new to Science, and he decides to name it after me - The Suegull.

Though I don't suppose my dream will survive Mark the Birders's first look at the photos.

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