Monday, 21 December 2015

Supper at Jackie's

Jean came with me on Saturday morning and helped me finish my magazine route for December, and get a few more not at homes done.    Then after a quick lunch we met up again at the Hall for the Broadcast:

There is an item about our brothers and sisters in the Congo, and also a very interesting experience from a brother in Ghana.

Then I made the cakes for Col's Detectorist get-together on Sunday, and in the evening we went to Jackie's for a roast lamb dinner. We had our usual lovely evening - great food and lots of laughs. Sunday was the meeting at the Hall - followed by an attempt to do some return visits, foiled by my having the addresses written down wrong.  I think I was more discombobulated by the Captain's operation than I realised.  I don't seem to have a proper record of calls I made in September.

I will have to be content with having placed some information with - well, whoever they were - and hope that if they are looking for the truth, they will recognise it when they hear it.    There was an experience from a Convention of someone who was walking along a beach and picked up a bit of paper that was blowing along the sand, intending to wastebin it.   It turned out to be half of one of our small tracts, the one with the address of Bethel on it. The small amount of information on that little piece of paper caused him to contact Bethel, start a home Bible study, and he is now a baptised brother.

This has taught me to write down a bit more info about my return visits in future.

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