Thursday, 10 December 2015

Empty Trees

Arundel WWT
Its been days of beautiful skies, silhouetting the empty trees, in between rain and storm.  I spent yesterday morning with Maggie and we enjoyed the view of the tender blue skies, and fluffy Sussex clouds from her window. She is a lot better now, thank goodness, and we hope to see each other again tonight at the meeting.  The Captain and I went to Arundel Wetlands on Tuesday, but I did get out on the doors on Monday and Wednesday.  And hopefully I will go out today, though I won't make the group this morning.
Field Maple leaves, Acer campestre
I am so far behind with my calls that the worry of it is keeping me awake at nights.  Which is making me ever more tired.   With some I have tried - many times - but I simply can not find them again. With others...  I got back to one road yesterday and for the life of me I can't remember working on it. Have I got the wrong road down?  It has been a distracting year with the further health issues, but still.

On the plus side, I have managed to find a couple of people who remembered my call, and who  took more literature and who say I may call back in the New Year.  And one lady took my last copy of the November mags, which set out God's view of war,  as she said she had been praying about the continuing wars in the Middle East.  "See you next year!"  I said, as I left.  And hopefully I will.

Jackie came round for a cup of tea, after Captain B took her for her latest hospital tests.  And all being well, she will be round for supper on Saturday. So we are all getting back to normal.

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