Sunday, 13 December 2015


Jacks came round for supper last night, so, hopefully, we are back in our routine!    We had chicken curry, rice and raita, by me, a dahl by Waitrose, chutney by Captain B, dessert by Lidl, plus cheese & biscuits,  and Thornton's chocolates (from Jackie).

The weather here is alternating between stormy, and damp and mild. There have been some fabulous seas.  Jean and I were out yesterday, picking up on some of our calls.  She had long chats with two people, and I found two at home.  One was a lady I called on months ago, and have not found since. But she remembered me straight away - took the magazine eagerly -and very definitely wants to see us in the New Year.  So that was such a worthwhile morning.

I didn't get to the Field Service Group on Thursday - getting to the meeting in the evening was about all I managed.    And on Friday, the Captain and I shopped in the morning, and I made the curry in the afternoon. And just that exhausted me.  In my youth, I would have shopped and cooked after a day at work, and thought nothing of it.  Anyway, I am very grateful to be here, to be enjoying retirement so much, and simply to be able to walk about.

If all goes to plan, I will be out on the doors with one of my siblings this afternoon.

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