Sunday, 17 November 2013

Toiling up Annapurna

This time with the very first expedition to get up there - the Maurice Herzog one.  In fact, the first climbing book I ever read (in Readers Digest form) was his account of the expedition.  I don't think that, as a child, I understood a lot of it, but found it fascinating.

So interesting to be reading it again.  At the moment its all a little bit RumDoodle, as we can't actually find Annapurna. We are setting off in what we hope is the right direction on the next page.  How can something so big be so hard to find?

Explorers are amazing and impressive - and so completely different from homebody me.  Still as long as they don't mind towing my couch along behind them.

Col chauffered me to the meeting today.  Wonderful wonderful teaching as ever, though I had a bit of ordeal with my first answer as neither mike seemed to be working...  one minute I had to shout, the next speak softly. By the time we got it fixed, I had pretty much forgotten what I had wanted to say.

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