Tuesday, 5 November 2013


I couldn't sleep last night. Since my hospital stay, I seem to have lost the knack. And so I found myself watching a Bollywood movie in the early hours.  It was called Pakeezah, and means "Pure of heart".  And I loved it.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Friday evening Bollywood movie when we were in Expatworld.

The heroines are so lovely and feminine. They don't, or didn't back then, have that Hollywood there-has-been-a-terrible-accident-in-an-embalming-parlour look.   And I love the dancing and singing.

There was an apple pudding recipe posted on my fb site this morning - it used six apples.  And I have six apples left from the Captain's last picking.  So I made it.  Its rather nice.

Then Captain Butterfly took me for my weekly outing to the Arundel Wetland Reserve. The light was wonderful. We lunched - him off pork, me off veggie chile - then he left me with my mug of foamy coffee and my studies while he went off to do some filming.

I found a voice from the past in my mailbox the other day, which was a lovely surprise, taking me back to the days of Nabbs.


  1. I love novembers when the nights get cold and favour sleep; i love to see the shearing of the ewes and rams and sheep. my god seems more agreeable and, more acceptable, like both my folks as they shared better with a vegetable.

    love and peace my charming sou mate. keeo the teapot brewing, eh? Love, dizzyizzy

    1. Hello Izzy, yes, you are right, cold weather does favour sleep - and I did manage to sleep some last night. Its real November weather today - grey and rainy - and Captain Butterfly's conservation work has been cancelled.

      I am sipping a hot tea at the moment - and hope that one day we will be chatting over a cup in the Paradise earth.

      love Sue