Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bricks without much Straw

What to write about?  What I watched on daytime telly?  What I made us for lunch yesterday?  (Scrambled eggs on toast - and making that exhausted me and I had to go and lie down!)  Captain Butterfly nobly went out and hunted down a load of shopping and brought it back to our lair.  And he chauffered me to the meeting last night.

It is the week of the Circuit Overseer visit - so most of us in the congregation are very busy.  Not me sadly, as I can't get out.   But the first talk last night was wonderful. The theme for the week will be about the condition of our figurative heart - as Jehovah is a reader of hearts and what he reads there is so important to him - and to us.

We were reminded of David's and Solomon's prayers for a pure heart, and an obedient heart.

Our problems all started from that one act of disobedience when our first parents decided they did not want to follow Jehovah's standards of good and bad, but set their own - be "like God".  In doing so, they cut themselves and us (their unborn children) off from their Source of life - and of course, they left the law of loving-kindness.

Its a damp grey November day this morning - hard to tell where grey-blue Channel meets grey-blue sky. Its very lovely though - a jewel of a planet.

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