Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Schemes of Mice and Men...

Robert Burns would have been able to say "I told you so" last night - and probably in a wonderful poetic way too - as our schemes for supper went "agley".  Jackie came for supper, and we had planned to order a takeaway from the newly vamped Indian restaurant round the corner.   But, we couldn't get through to them on the phone. They were either engaged, or not answering.

So we gave up and went back to our usual "Lemon Grass".   We got straight through - and the order arrived at our door 20 minutes later.  And the food was excellent as always.  The restaurant is run by Thais, and the delivery men seem to be Eastern European - usually Polish I think. And it all works with charm and efficiency.

One time they were deeply apologetic because their delivery van had broken down, so we went up to collect it.  Those were my glory days when I could drive and walk.   And when I made my little joke about how they should get a Tuk-Tuk, they laughed a lot (even though they had probably heard it 50 times that evening).

As I said, charm and efficiency.  And, of course, tasty Thai food.  I think we will be faithful to them, takeaway wise, in future.

I actually slept the night through, but it wasn't all that relaxing as I dreamt we were fleeing from a tsunami.  Col was on a beach, on his mobile phone, with his back to the sea, and the sea began to recede and we were shouting "Run, a tsunami is coming."  We took refuge in a tower, in a completely flat landscape, and...

Once again, I wonder why I do this to myself.

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