Friday, 8 November 2013

The Search for a Householder

Jay rang to say she couldn't make it next Thursday so I had to search round at the meeting last night to find a householder - and Gay's daughter kindly agreed to stand in. We hope to practise it Sunday after the meeting, but I am now worrying about how I am going to get there on Sunday, as Captain B has a treasure hunt on.

We have a special talk at the Hall tomorrow evening, followed by tea and cakes.  So maybe we can get together than and practise it.  

It has been quite a fraught morning with this monster typhoon hitting the Philippines. I hope my brothers and sisters there are all safe. They have only just been through the earthquake. And we have been phoning back and forth re the son of a friend who lives there - till he managed to contact his brother and us and ask us to let his mum know they are all ok. Thank God.

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