Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Rain

Torrential rain this morning. Col managed to walk Ollie just before it started - and we both went out shopping in the first mini-lull.  And got quite wet.  Ken provided an excellent and gigantic cottage pie for Lilac Tree, Derby and The Janet.   The two little cousins (Harry and Eleanor) met for the first time I think - the youngest of the great-grandchildren.

Us oldies are now sitting quietly, reading, or asleep, or generally flaked out.  Or blogging.

Janet and I now have each other's email address, so hopefully can stay in better touch.

The tribe from Derby do hope to visit us this year and give young Eleanor a few days by the sea.


  1. Love your descriptions of your life, the rain.

  2. Thanks John! I do appreciate that. I am trying to keep an internet diary for my own records - I can't handwrite too much now (arthritis) - but also make it interesting for anyone who might want to read it. So thanks.