Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Downland in Winter

A busy week really - like being back at work - all the butterfly paperwork yesterday - and today all the paperwork - and endless phonecalling - about the new car.  Fortunately the Captain returned from his work in the frosty downland to help me with all the technical questions.  How many steering wheels does my new car have, that sort of thing.  And he was there to make the big decision about the insurance. Plus I wrote letters and packaged up magazines to about two thirds of my route calls. The rest, hopefully, I will do with my new car (gulp) next week.

Talking of icy pavements - Bea has broken her wrist!   It is so scarey.  Just what we are all so afraid of when we get older.  You simply don't realise when you are young - you fall over, bounce up again.  Even if you do break a bone, it will likely heal quickly.

And of course I am remembering my parents, and what good care they took of me when i broke my leg so badly all those years ago - and the comfrey tea daddy used to make for me and made sure I drank every day.  A country boy, from the fields and forests of Belarus, he knew the uses of herbs.

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