Wednesday, 5 December 2012

More sunrise and a second childhood

I hope that another picture of another lovely winter sunrise will appear on this blog, as we were watching it this morning, and the Captain rushed for his camera.

Getting old - and second childhoods....  Yes, its seems I am unlearning how to walk. I have to go back to Gym lessons - something I thought/hoped I had left behind for good when the happy day came that I left school.  But, on the positive side, I seem to be going back to feeling the joy at the beauty and the glory of the world that I felt instinctively as a young child.

I always loved it, but as I grew up I became more and more conscious of what Janet Frame called "the sadness that belongs to the world" - a desolation, a cut-off ness.

Then when I began to look for the Creator of it, to thank Him, (and I always thought Him not Her, ThoughtPolice notwithstanding), and found Him, I understood about the sadness - and why, and that its only for  a time - and the original joy came back.  Whether that is something else that goes as we get older, well, I may find out.  But I hope it won't.

I can't say I have been doing much.  Cooked a herb chicken casserole yesterday as Jacks was coming round, but then she had to cancel at the last minute. She has been struck down by one of these winter viruses that seem to be doing the rounds.  Talked to Audrey, Bea, Jackie and Mark on the phone.   We got the 2013 butterfly calendars done and dusted.  Captain B labelled, packaged and posted, and I did the letters...  "our first ten children have done fabulously well at work and all got promoted to managing director, and our next ten have just won Strictly Come Dancing...".   I did try not to go on for a more than a chapter about my arthritis medications, utterly fascinating though the subject is.

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