Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The child in time

Jean and I shared a taxi to the Kingdom Hall on Sunday morning - Arun taxis were their usual reliable selves - and Ken gave us a both a lift back.  Jackie came round for supper on Tuesday - I made a beef chili, with small small things - and we had cheese and chocolate brownies afterwards.  A fun evening.

It was Butterfly paperwork day today - all done and dusted, though Captain Butterfly will have to fly it to the post office as my wings are not what they were.

I feel bad about not getting out on the door to door preaching work at the moment - I hope to do letters to all my magazine route calls tomorrow morning, while the Captain is out clearing woodland for butterflies.

He went for a walk on the winter beach this afternoon, and i hope to borrow a photo for the blog.  I love winter walks on the beach - we used to walk by the sea much more in winter than in summer, but don't know if I will be able to...  a second dose of new meds tomorrow. Maybe they will do the trick.

Roger turned up on our computer screens - via Skype!   A lovely surprise.  Hopefully we will see him next month.   How far away our Expat life seems.  Who knows where the time goes?

I have been reading Nella Last's 1950s diaries.  Fascinating.  She is writing about the world I knew then as a child, from the angle that I have now, as she and her husband were retired. And they had just been through a second world war, and even the calm and indomitable Nella is shaken by it. She also feels that the thread of hope that was there in the war years has gone.

It is a vanished world. And a world that I knew. And, apart from school, a world I was happy and secure in. But I think we thought then that we were going to build a brave new world. Nella by that time knew we would not.

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