Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Zimmer Twins

Audrey and I were out on the doors this morning doing magazine deliveries.   A lot of complicated driving and not many magazines delivered sadly.  However, we had one very good talk on the doorsteps with a lady I have been calling on for a while, and we can go back.

We started our day in Zimmer-twin fashion as Audrey got her seatbelt stuck in the door of her car and we could neither extract it nor get the door open.  Thankfully a passing hero - a Sir Walter Raleigh style gentleman with strong hands - came to our rescue and extracted us.

I got back to find that Captain Butterfly has taken himself off to Somerset in search of  LARGE Blues.  He did ring when I was having my lunch but it didn't get much beyond "Hello, I'm in Somerset.  There's one now!!! (sounds as of camera being wielded to a giant rushing of wings) - Bye"

I am trying to think what on earth I did yesterday.  I must have done something...   Richard, our Financial Advisor, came round in the morning. We haven't seen him since our Expat days.  It was like old times to have cups of tea and a chat with him.  We were saying how sorry we were to see the destruction of the lovely Pearl Roundabout in Bahrain. It was my favourite piece of modern civic statuary.

Its a lovely island, but not Paradise, anymore than anywhere else is at the moment.  The News is scarier all the time, and Mick took care to remind us at the group this morning what good news we have for people.  

And Col and i went to the Farm Shop and stocked up with honey and strawberries and things.

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