Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Long and Winding Road

Jane and I worked on a long and winding country road this morning - long drives - much green space.  But we found most people at home and had one or two good calls.   One gate we came to had a fierce netting of wire with a serious looking BEWARE OF THE DOG sign on it.   We shook the gate a bit and as no dog appeared or barked we tiptoed in and up the drive.  "You're brave, coming in here" said the owner.  Although, as I said, we did check first.  We saw the Hound of the Baskervilles through the hall window and certainly would not have gone in had it been loose in the garden.  He (the householder, not the hound) most definitely wasn't interested, but we had a pleasant chat, and he assured us he wouldn't loose the dog till we made it to the gate.

Jane left me at the shops so I was able to get some strawberries for our tea and walk back.

Audrey and I went out yesterday morning - then Linda came for lunch - and we went to Jackie's for supper.

Spoke to Maggie - the op is done and she is back home.  It was more painful than last time, but seems to have been a success, and she said she slept very well last night.

Its strange for me at meetings without Maggie as we always sit together.  It used to be Don, Maggie and me, but Don died the year after we got back.

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