Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Sunday in Retirement

Went to the Hall this morning - increased my Watchtower order, gave Jean the poem I promised her and failed to hand in my not at homes as the brother with the map we were working Saturday morning has gone on holiday.

Jean and I did about an hour and twenty minutes yesterday morning.  We had to work a big block of flats, all by intercom, which is not easy. But it was a great morning out.  We had some good conversations that we hope to go back on.

As Captain B was out butterflying I went to Jean's for a coffee afterwards.

We have had some rain today!  But not nearly enough as my father - country boy and gardener - would say were he here.

Its his poem I have given to Jean.  Its the only poem he ever wrote as far as we know.  Its about the last time he saw his mother - before the war and then the iron curtain came between them.

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