Monday, 27 June 2011

Norman in Concert

We went to Norman and the Band's concert on Saturday night - just a walk across the Green - and we went down to the sea in the interval.

They played both Tuxedo Junction and In The Mood.   And a piece called "Amelia" that Norman had written for his granddaughter.  It was beautiful.  I hope it might become a regular part of their concerts.

IF I get to be in the earthly Paradise, with life "to time indefinite" stretching before me, will I be able to play a musical instrument?  Will I be able to sing?

It seems likely, as if I am there, I will be perfect. So my ears will be perfectly tuned and my vocal cords will work perfectly.

It was the meeting at the Kingdom Hall on Sunday morning and afterwards Jean and I did a couple of return visits.  Captain Butterfly was marshalling in Brighton - people, not butterflies.

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