Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The three sisters (minus two)

Nute and Pen left early yesterday morning after a fun weekend - or as fun as detoxing can be.   Jacks came round for a glass of wine on the Sunday night and she, the Captain and I went to see Georgie Fame yesterday evening.  He looks older and frailer than the last time we saw him - but so do we.  And it was a great concert.  He filled the concert hall again - we couldn't see a spare seat in the house.

Audrey and I went out on the doors this morning via a trip to the doctors (me) and a trip to the bank (her).  We were working with Maggie and partner but we couldn't find the second road we were to do.  Its in a housing estate so new it isn't on my local map yet.   So we went off and did a couple of my remaining magazine route calls for May.  We found both of my recipients at home and had a nice chat with each.

Have been on sofa resting my knees ever since...  I no longer dare hobble past the local Veterinary Clinic in case one of the doctors rushes out with a syringe of lethobarb to put me out of my misery.

The Roger arrives tomorrow!  A complete surprise - but a very nice one.  So we will catch up on the news from the beautiful Cape.

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