Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Paul of Arabia

We lunched at Warnham and wandered round the reserve, watching butterflies and dragon and damsel flies, and a wonderful set of baby coots.  They were five tiny little things with two busy parents feeding them bread that someone had thrown onto the pond.   I was able to supply a Paul comment when we were watching a grebe dive in the lake outside one of the Hides.   "If it gets mad at us for spying on it and it attacks, can we accuse it of grebious bodily harm?"
I wonder why I ever swallowed down all the Evolution/Blind Watchmaker stuff that "the world" fed to me, when I see the exquisite artistry and engineering of a dragonfly - and of everything else.

There was a sea of bulrushes at the landbridge.

Then on to a marathon shop for the DeTox which is to start tomorrow evening.   

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