Friday, 13 May 2011

Present 2

My blog for yesterday with the picture of Roger's presents has disappeared in the housekeeping that happened  at Blog HQ today.   How?  Why?  Where?
Anyway, I must now recreate it.  Roger has been and gone and left me a beautiful beautiful African carving, a picture of which will appear courtesy of Captain Butterfly.  I also asked him for a photograph of a tile that Roger gave me when we visited them on The Cape.

It is the essence of Cape on a tile - including two wonderful little guinea fowl.

Roger also left us a fridge full of bread and butter pudding.

I got to the meeting yesterday where I was able to give Audrey her change, make arrangements to work with Jean tomorrow, further my search for a window cleaner for Jackie, and above all to be taught.  It feels as if I have been away for a long time, though its only a couple of Thursdays I have missed.

I have typed up Rosemary's convention notes - and that was wonderful teaching too.   But I did next to nothing today beyond a bit of studying - talked to Jacks - finished the washing and ironing all ready for our visitor next week - and watched some daytime TV.

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