Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Modern Life - part 1

The telly is promising me that I can win a nice sum of money (or is it a holiday abroad?) if I can phone in the answer to the following question:

Which country has the Great Barrier Reef off its coast?

Is it:

(a)  The Republic of Landlockedia
(b)  Never Never Land
(c)  Australia

If only I could work it out...

Roger arrived this morning and took us out for a lovely pub lunch.  He then made us a bread and butter pudding for dessert, while Captain B made us all some coffee.  All I have had to do is to provide us a cold tea this evening.   He leaves for Gatwick in the morning.

Roger has bought me another wonderful present which I am going to ask Captain B to photograph so I can put it on my blog tomorrow.  I may have to make it fly and flutter round the room a bit to get him to do it, but I hope it will appear, it is so lovely.  Its a little sculpture by a Zimbabwean artist at present working on The Cape.

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