Monday, 2 May 2011

Single girl days

Just back from the New Forest.  We drove over to visit Bob and Helen - well, specifically Helen, as Bob  was at work. We hope they will be coming over to us soon.  We have known each other since before we were all married.  I shared a flat with Helen in my faraway single girl days.

And when we were all young marrieds - living in the Richmond/Kew area - we used to meet up regularly to play Cluedo.   They bought our house when we left London for the North and they lived there for many years.

We talked a lot about our health problems - just as I always remember the grown-ups doing when I was a child.

Like us, they are loving living by the sea.   The picture that should appear on this blog in time is of the front garden of their lovely retirement bungalow.

Jacks is coming round tonight for a Thai takeaway and a selection of cheeses from the farm shop.  And tomorrow I hope to be out on the doors with Audrey.

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