Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Return of the Missing Blog Post!

The missing blog post has come back on the tide from wherever in the Internet Sea it had wandered to, so Roger's presents now have two blogspots.

However, they are worth it.

Very sunny day here.  Jean and I did over an hour on the door to door preaching work this morning.  Jean placed four of our new Creation brochures, making the case for the Genesis account of our origins.  She placed both of hers and both of mine - so we must get some more at the Hall tomorrow.

A positive start to the day, but unfortunately I am in such a feeble state that I could hardly walk when I got back and have spent a lot of time on the sofa moaning and groaning.   The wonderful Captain Butterfly had a rare day at home and I got back to find that all the floors had been done.

Inspired by this bout of Spring cleaning I tackled the fridge.

I bought some lovely fresh eggs from one of our householders today so it was an omelette lunch.

The news gets more and more frightening.   It does seem, as we go door to door, that people are wondering about it and wondering why.

The Inspired Scriptures tell us - and give a wonderful reassurance too.

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