Friday, 23 April 2010

An anemone walk

We - Captain Butterfly and myself - went walking in the bluebell woods at Arundel on this lovely Spring day. But they turned out not to be bluebell woods, not quite yet.  There are a few bells out, but the ground was carpeted with white anemones.  See the Captain's Log for some lovely pictures.

It used to be (in our Pre Retirement days) that we both worked during the week and spent the weekends together, but now we spend the week together, and do our own thing at the weekend. Which is nicer actually, as there are more days in the week.

This Saturday, El Capitano is off to a photo workshop, while I am off on the field service, the door to door preaching work.  We plan to meet up at Jackie's, as she has invited us over for supper.  And on the Sunday, I will be off to the Kingdom Hall and hopefully trying to make a few return visits, while Col will be Metal Detecting somewhere.

My sole role in his life on Sunday will be to have a packed lunch ready, and to provide a hot meal in the evening.   Oh and I think there might be an episode of Dr.Who we can couch potato to.

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