Thursday, 29 April 2010

Just a coffee morning

What was supposed to be a video and coffee morning turned into Just a Coffee morning owing to the fact that Captain Butterfly escaped through an open window, lured away by the siren call of Neil, a local Butterfly Supremo, to go and photograph the first Something or Others (see the Captain's Log for pictures and technical details).  And as soon as the stern Captain was out of the house the video played up - and refused to play.

So we just had coffee, but it was a very nice morning.   We (Audrey, Jean, Ken, Maggie and me) had been planning to watch the Watchtower Society's video 'The Organisation Behind the Name'.

Col wasn't back till late as they ended up in the pub, and his dinner (pie and mash) was a bit dried up by then.

We had a nice evening together couch potatoing in front of the telly.

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