Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Van Gogh at the Royal Academy

We went up to London yesterday for the Exhibition - see the Captain's Log for details and photos.

An amazing exhibition - the work, the time and organisation that must have gone into it are mind-boggling.  Judging by the crowds it is a big success.

We were talking about why Van Gogh is so popular and decided that his interest in everything and his passion for painting it makes his work so fresh and interesting.

And it put me in mind of this Walter De La Mare poem about Chardin:

A Still Life
by Walter de la Mare

Bottle, coarse tumbler, loaf of bread,
Cheap paper, a lean long kitchen knife:
No moral, no problem, sermon or text,
No hint of a why, whence, whither, or if:
Bottle and tumbler, loaf and knife -
And engrossed round spectacled
Chardin's passion for life.

Sometimes when you show people that the Bible promises we can live forever in the restored earthly Paradise, they seem to think it would be boring.

No it wouldn't.  It will become more and more interesting and engrossing all the time.   As I hope both Van Gogh and Chardin - and the Captain and myself! - will be able to find out.

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