Monday, 5 April 2010

A Bank Holiday weekend

The weather has been good considering it is a Bank Holiday. Early morning Monday on the South Coast is all sparkling sunshine and little waves on the Channel. We - Maggie, Ken, Jean and myself - the Gang of Four - went to our Assembly at Haysbridge on Saturday. Wonderful teaching - it just gets better and better - as it always will. But both Jean and I had had very bad nights and had constantly to fight falling asleep. And we both admit to strange blanks in the programme.
The theme was 'The Time Left is Reduced', and how important it is that we make sure we are walking in Jesus' footsteps, as exactly as we can.
We all turned up for the special field service arrangement yesterday. Audrey and i worked a road full of big old houses turned into bedsits. So we were often having to witness through intercoms, which is far from easy. We then did a couple of magazine route calls.
I am off for coffee with Audrey this morning.

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