Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Month of Many Weathers

I thought I would look to John Clare's Shepherd's Calendar again:

"March month of 'many weathers' wildly comes
In hail and snow and rain and threatning hums
And floods: while often at his cottage door
The shepherd stands to hear the distant roar
Loosd from the rushing mills and river locks
Wi thundering sound and over powering shocks
And headlong hurry through the meadow brigs
Brushing the leaning willows fingering twigs
In feathery foam and eddy hurryng chase
Rolling a storm oertaken travellers pace
From bank to bank along the meadow leas
Spreading and shining like to little seas..."

In fact the 1st of March was sunny, as today has been so far. But water was certainly loosed from the rushing mills etc on the last day of February.

Bea's snowdrops are still flowering on the balcony, and our narcissi are out too.

Audrey and I saw crocuses (croci?) and snowdrops when we were out on the preaching work this morning. We did half of her magazine route, and a couple of my return visits.

John Clare will be so happy when he is woken from the sleep of death and sees it all again.

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