Sunday, 7 March 2010

Grown up driving

Had to do some grown up driving on Saturday as our field service group was witnessing in one of the country villages. I wasn't feeling too well, but managed about 45 minutes with Jean. We finished our territory at any rate. I followed Mick's car and did a lot of praying. And I gratefully note that at every one of the big roundabouts we came to, I was able to follow Mick directly onto the roundabout. That held good all the way there and back, until the very last roundabout, which didn't matter as i knew where I was then.

We had to park in a layby, and to get back out I had to reverse into a sort of tractor track. Just as I was starting the young brother in charge came over and offered to reverse it for me. Which was very kind of him. But I did manage on my own. Admittedly you could probably have got 10 tractors into the space.

I am afraid that my exploits in the Kingdom Hall car park - from which I have had to be rescued by a brother on one occasion - have not given my siblings any confidence in my reversing skills.

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