Friday, 26 March 2010

Lost in (Private) Space

The Captain hauled me out for a long walk this morning - my first for ages. See his Log for the photographs. It was a perfect March day - sunny, with a strong cold wind, a glittering Channel and daffodils everywhere. And the valiant dog walkers were out on the sea front. We walked along the shore that fronts the very wealthy estates to the East. It was hard going on shingle - but a great dose of ozone. However, when trying to leave we got lost in a maze of Private Streets and Security Gated Mansions. Wonderful houses and gardens, but we couldn't find the way out. Just as I was starting to panic and wonder how long we could survive on the scrapings of caviare and dregs of champagne we would find in their dustbins, the Captain turned the right corner and off we went.We picked up Brian's picture this afternoon. It looks wonderful in our frame and has brightened up our rather dark hall. It is a copy of Plage de Villerville, Normandy by Charles Fran├žois Daubigny (1817-1878).

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  1. I just looked at the pics and it seems it wasn't quite as warm as they would suggest 'strong cold wind'. Still it sounds lovely. We walked on the beach last weekend. Might not find time this weekend. People coming round on Sunday so we are forced to do some housework. Not much as they are all good friends, but a bit.