Thursday, 18 March 2010

Damaged wings

While Captain Butterfly and guests have been fluttering around, Mrs. Captain Butterfly (myself) has been confined to her flower with arthritic wings. Four days into the visits I was hit by my worst arthritis attack yet. I managed to stagger about and organise food and packed lunches but the wonderful Captain B did the rest.

The Captain's Log gives the details. They went all over and hopefully had a good time. Dorothy bought us (including Jackie) a great Thai takeaway last night.

We are now back from Bea's having left Dorothy at the station. She had a good trip up to her stepdaughter. And it feels very quiet here now our fellow expats have gone. We hope they will both be back.

It was a bit of an Aramco reunion all round. We even talked to Paul via Skype. I should be at the meeting tonight but I am not able to get showered or changed. I am hoping and praying to be a lot better in the morning. Especially as i am hoping to go out on the door to door work with a young sister and don't want to let her down.

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