Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night, the night of the Memorial this year - on 30th March, or the 14th of Nisan - the day of the Passover. I hadn't realised how windy until I stepped outside the flat and my carefully prepared self was blown into something that even Strewelpeter would have found a bit messy. Anyway, we picked up Jacks, and arrived with 15 mins to spare. Maggie had saved us seats. Ron gave the talk - excellently. He is not a well man now, but it was beautifully delivered and heartfelt.

The bread and the wine was passed, although we have no-one in our congregation who takes it.

I don't know what Jacks and the Captain made of it, but I hope they thought about what they heard. Ron spoke a lot about the Biblical hope of living forever in the restored earthly Paradise.

And it was lovely to have Captain B beside me at the Kingdom Hall and to be able to hold his hand during the final prayer.

We then came back here and had a bottle of Oyster Bay and some nibbles and had a nice couple of hours together. The storm raged all through the night, and the Channel is well stirred up today. Wonderful waves beating outside our window.

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