Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Damaged Wings Redux

Still not well. I don't think i have had one day of good health since late December - moan moan. Its a good thing i am not a butterfly as that means that my whole tiny life would have been one of illness. In fact something would probably have eaten me the moment I limped painfully out of my chrysalis.
Although, getting older, I realise just how short our lives are at the moment - how little time we have to see this lovely world - and to be with the people we love.
The Captain was a hero (as usual) and took me and Audrey out on the field service as I could not drive us. It is very cold again with a bitter wind. But I got the Memorial Invitations to everyone on my tiny magazine route at least - and helped Audrey to get them to the rest of her vast route.
We saw Jacks yesterday and delivered her invite personally. She might come. But she has damaged wings too at the moment and isn't sure.
That Horseman of Sickness (of Revelation) is riding hard. But what we must always remember is that the Rider on the White Horse is riding too - so a rescue is at hand. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, and will put an end to this current system of things upon the earth.
Then 'no resident will say "I am sick''' - and IF I am there, my blog posts will take a cheerier turn.

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