Saturday, 14 November 2009

A trifling mystery

What a stormy day! Amazing winds, torrential rain, and the channel sounds like a million freight trains roaring outside. Its a good thing we drove back from Eastbourne yesterday.

I didn't get out on the work this morning - not just the weather, but my hand was very bad, I can barely type at the moment.

Had a lovely couple of days with Bea. We went to Heather Small (see the Captain's blog) - great evening - and took Bea to lunch at her local yesterday. Its a short drive over the Downs, and they were all grey and green and wuthering in the build up to the storm.

Bea said i must not say in my blog what she made us for pudding, so all I will say is that plum and raspberry is an inspired trifle combination, but how I happen to know that must remain a mystery.

Haven't been able to do too much today because of the hand, but the Captain has been a tower of strength as usual. He did all the washing, and its neatly hanging up now. I turned all the vegetables into a giant bean and veggie stew, but even then he had to help me with cutting them up.

Bea had bought me a beautiful little china bowl - the pattern is Orchard Ducks, and it is like a companion piece to one of my favourite poems. Its a Glimpse of Paradise poem, and it goes like this:

Four Ducks on a Pond

by William Allingham

Four ducks on a pond,
A grass-bank beyond,
A blue sky of spring,
White clouds on the wing;
What a little thing
To remember for years -
To remember with tears

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