Sunday, 1 November 2009

Fire works

Its 9 a.m. and the bonfire is still smoking in spite of the pounding rain, and a valiant herd of tidiers are out on the green picking up the litter from last night.

The sea is roaring away. Wonderful waves.

Last night Jacks, the Captain and I watched the fireworks. It was warm because of the bonfire. We had chicken curry and apple crumble, courtesy of Cooks - but i did make the small small things to go with it, and a turnip curry - odd, but seasonal. Jacks bought wine and chocolates.

The fireworks were the best ever - and ended, not with a whimper, but a bang, as a marvelous pair of white starbursts lit up the night.

Hopefully the Captain is going to put some photos up here.

And I must post something about Halloween - the great festival of the dead that is held all over the world on, or about, the day of the Deluge of Noah's day. The point being this: should we be commemorating those who God destroyed because of their badness?

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